Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today I started Snap It, Fatty. I was at my heaviest ever - 233.4.

Since then, I shed 50 lbs, but as of this past July, I started sliding back to my old habits and let 19 lbs creep back on. I am officially at 204.4 this morning.

Disappointed that I let the 19 lbs find their way back? Nope. I expected it. When you stop the consistent self discipline, this is what you should expect. Still, losing 30lbs in a year is fantastic.

And today, start again with Snap It, Fatty. My goal this time is to lose that other 20lbs for good. Some people thought that I looked too thin at 185, but I felt fantastic. Even at 200, I feel a little sluggish.

So, here's to Round 2 of Snap It, Fatty!

Breakfast - Chocolate chip cookie. 1/2 donut (Yeah, really healthy.)

Lunch - Whole Chicken Terriyaki Subway sandwich (should have eaten 1/2)

Dinner - Salad w/ fruit and goat cheese! (yum! From 56 West) and some sweet potato fries

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Jenks said...

Hey Nick...so glad to see you back =)