Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where Have I Been?!

Howdy to all who have been asking me about the blog!

Since the phone gave me troubles, it was tougher to take photographs regularly. Yes, I suppose I could have taken the tiny Casio camera, but I found out that I have started eating smaller portions. My weight is still around 187 and holding there for about the last 2 months. I'd like to get to 180 for kicks, but I'm not gonna worry about it. Giving myself til the end of the year for that.

My vacation is next week. I'm thrilled with my progress. For now, I'm taking a break for photographing. Maybe after vacation, I'll need to Snap It, Fatty again.

But I hope not.

1 comment:

Jenks said...

At a svelte 187, maybe your next pic could be of you "snap it not so fatty" :o)