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This is it. Post Thanksgiving and I'm not at the fattest I have been 233 lbs. Two-Hundred and Thirty Three fatty-fat-fat pounds. My face looks like an overblown egg. My body is crammed into my clothes. Despite the slight smile on my face, I hate the way that I look and how I feel.

I picked up a book by Tucker Shaw today, "Everything I Ate - A year in the life of my mouth". The book is a visual journal of EVERYTHING that the author ate for one full year. I'm thinking that if I keep a really tight journal of what I eat, I might be able to curtail myself from slowly killing myself with food.

I'm not waiting until New Years to start this resolution: I will lose 1 lb a week by watching what I put in my body. By snapping a picture on my iPhone and uploading it using the AirMe feature, I resolve to be better than I am. So, "Snap It, Fatty" before you put it in your mouth.

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